Spring Cleaning

Is it a total coincidence that, whilst mentally feeling like I am overwhelmed by studies, work, home organisation and life my computer has also completely run out of storage space?  I mean 300gb!  Let’s just think about that number.  What on earth can a person do to take up that much thought-space on a hard drive?  Well, going through my system I found a few clues – including a few vintage photographs one of which I thought I’d share with you…

Me on my dad’s motorbike – he sent me this recently.  I think I’ve always been impatient to get somewhere, even then!  Anyway, in terms of storage space, when you design websites, illustrate things, take a lot of photographs and record videos… it easily adds up.  Mostly work projects – real passions of mine that I loved filming at the time – we did some great work interviewing students and organising community events.  Recent photos include this little recipe – which looked great when I baked it and I had a lot of fun making (at 11 o’clock at night for some reason – I was on a high) but quickly realised was cooked in the wrong tin and failed to rise.  Subsequently it has not been eaten – it tasted good but the texture was just too heavy.

Now, I had been curious for a while but it turns out my experiment of baking in a tart tin with a removable base just didn’t work out.  You see, I need a flat baking tin to do tray bakes – you know, things like brownies, flapjacks and pretty things you cut into squares?  And in the absence of I thought perhaps I could do some kind of hybrid tray/tart concoction.  Well, here’s my results, readers: lesson learned – turns out the gap in the removable bit of the base lets all the air through and makes the mix bubble instead of rise.  I’d been curious about that one for a while at least it wasn’t a dinner party venture.  Time to invest in a tray bake tin!  And still, why waste a perfectly good photo opp to showcase both the finished article and the gorgeous tulips given to us by two lovely pals.

Well going back to the subject of taking stock, there have been lots and lots of interesting projects… but I find it fascinating that we can actually hold that much capacity in our heads – memories, photographs, ideas, poems, life.  This recent winter has been a great time for stepping back and thinking about my next move.  I’ve also rediscovered the SLR camera is back in our possession again after a recent work project, so watch this space and look forward to a few decent photos as I learn my way around the controls and move from my pocket size…

To the real deal!

While I am struggling to keep up with coursework at the moment, I’m glad to have found a few helpful diversions: despite the impending deadlines there are three things that I don’t always feel like, but never regret doing and always feel good for afterwards.  1) Going to the gym, 2) going to church, and 3) blogging.  Well I did all of those this weekend and I can say that my soul feels all the richer for it.  And, after concluding this little bit of spring cleaning I can also report I’ve cleared 26gb of space!  I know, I have a real inner geek but my husband loves that about me, don’t you dear? :D

On that note – I’m off to bed to watch some more vintage West Wing fabulousness – it’s re-election time right now and something tells me (given I’m only halfway through the series) his chances aren’t looking too bad.  So, it’s good night from me…

And goodnight from him!

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