White Picket Fence

There’s something romantic and inspiring about a white picket fence, so homely isn’t it?  The perfect symbol of domesticity and order… peace and cosiness within.  Such is the topic of today’s post – a sense of carving order from chaos, putting a nice finish on a work in progress… both appropriate and somewhat overdue because of this good news… I finally completed the homework!

That’s right, readers: the entire two years of studying: finally done!  So happy, thankful and relieved – more about that journey later but for now, after a weekend off, sleeping, recuperating, and a couple of days of just generally organising the house again, I’m getting back to normal and able to plough my energies into the things I love… hello again, Miles, and hello again, house & garden!

I thought a good place to pick up might be one of our recently documented home improvement escapades, which happened thanks to the wonderful members of the family I have who solved this problem while I was busy studying.  Project White Picket Fence:

We decided to paint our new fence cream – I loved it!

While Adam did the hard work I did my best to supply a nice breakfast: my favourite lately is this super-thin egg omlette, cheese and bagel combo with a sprinkle of spring onions and black pepper.  Mmmm mmm.  It’s squidgy and delicious, you’ll try one and want more I guarantee!  It goes great with OJ and coffee.

Thumbs up!  Sorry, Adam.  But I do like this photo.

I digress.  Anyway, we’re very pleased with our new boundary!  My dissertation has been all about community spirit, how little things can add up to a lot between neighbours, and why relationships are good for your health, well being.  Making this one little change was an eye-opener, and helped us to discover how we actually have a thriving abundant community of good neighbours here, plenty of passing nods of encouragement – appreciative comments and general good will from people on the street.  Lots to smile about!

Being outside in the garden invites people to strike up a conversation, which has been pretty inspiring to see and believe in person.  I’m looking forward to getting to know the nice people around us a little better – as Miles probably has been – and to all the things the future brings :)

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