“When life hands you lemons… make lemonade” so goes the saying, except in a little twist – in one of my recently viewed romantic comedies (a favourite pastime of mine) – Arron Eckhart says the words at the opening sequence whilst squeezing the juice of about 5 lemons into a tumbler of vodka on the rocks – which he then downs, before looking in the mirror, convincing himself he’s fine, and then power-walking into suit and tie into a conference room full of people who he’s there to fill with enthusiasm about life, as a motivational speaker.  Not quite the front you’d expect on the surface – I know how he feels.

How do you do, I’m Sarah.  A writer, artist, graphic designer, general day-to-day dreamer from London.  This blog is my lemonade.  I have this theory that creativity and madness are highly linked – which explains my venture into putting my life ‘out there’ despite all my inclinations towards shyness and private pondering!  I started this blog to try and discover myself, after years of working hard and realising that – hey, you probably can’t have it ‘all’.  You probably need to just sort of pick one thing, an element of ‘you’ and be true to that – and forget about the rest of the mess that comes with being everything.  Life isn’t always easy.  If reading this blog makes you smile, laugh, feel inspired by anything I’ve done, or just lifts a flutter of lightness into your day then I have earned my reward.  And who knows?  Perhaps I’m one step closer to finding my life’s perfect vocation!


The ‘Practice Princess’ idea came to me as a philosophy for which I could express myself under lots of different little umbrellas – I am not a cook – although I love cooking, occasionally – and baking.  Dabble in a bit of design, (yep, I do all my own illustrations) I love to travel, quite interested in politics and never short of an opinion or two!  This blog is about inspiration.  A bit about finding out ‘who I am’.  The things that make me get up in the morning, the food I love, the pictures that fill me with marvel, the flavours that make me want to cook.  Maybe I’m: 2 parts cook.  3 parts writer, 1 part aspiring activist, 1/2 a part photographer, 7 parts reader, 2 parts artist, 3 parts musician… 4 parts poet, 4 parts spiritualist / philosopher… you get the picture.  I’m not completely sure what this blog is meant to do yet.  But if you were to indulge my fantasy about astrology for a minute or two… it was written in the stars that I, with mercury in gemini, was destined to be a communicator – in some sort of driving form in my life.  So I’m following my instincts.  They brought me here after being fascinated and inspired by other people’s blogs, and eager to start my own, in the hope of igniting some sparks of innovation in here and there.


I used to wonder what people meant when they talked about ‘being yourself’.  Now I think I know a bit better.  Being in tune with your purpose, expressing your ‘song’ as the Native Americans would call it – that is something no-one else can give.  For example: I love travel – I love airports because they’re like 27 different places around the globe all in one place – the destination board shows you life’s possibilities condensed into a single space and I love the transience of stepping through time on jet planes and waking up an alien in a different land.   Endless possibilities; that’s what life’s about to me – expand, expand, expand!  The things you love to do, the flavours your tastebuds excite, the way you use your voice or the things that only you see and no-one else does about the world… everyone has that.  I love the idea that life is a bit of a fairy tale and that we all have unique contributions to make.  Unique, divine, royal and splendid.


I do, yes, happen to believe in fairy tales – in fact I strongly advocate them.  Dream big, and live daringly because dreams do come true – if you can only find it in yourself to tune into that natural source, the fire-lit torch inside of you or the compass that instinctively tunes you into the part of the universe that you love.  I think that all those little things are important.  And, in a way, I’m learning about discovering them myself.  Who knows what things life has in store when you finally tap into your passions.  Your ‘true self’.  Hope you enjoy sharing with me that journey of discovery.  In short: they say life is what you make it.

Mine is a fairy tale.

Welcome to my domain.

Sarah x

P.S.  You can read a bit more about me and my launch into blogging in my recent ‘Welcome’ post.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hey!
    So thats how you made them (the cupcakes) they were delicious – a balanced cupcake meal would be the savoury cheese and onion ones followed by the double deckers! You need to work on some kind of soup-y starter muffin then the menu would be complete! x

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